Sunday, December 5, 2010

North Indian cuisine-------Sowmya's new recipe for special occasion Rice dish

My hubby got a new "Steam cooker" from Lowes yesterday. I thought of trying some special dish using the new cooker.  ("Oster 5712 10-Cup Rice Cooker")

- The cooker has 3 compartments (can cook vegetables, rice, etc at the same time)
- I placed 2 cups of Basmati rice in one compartment (added 2 cups of water)
- in the 2nd compartment, I placed cut vegetables (carrot, potato, beans)
- cooked for 40 mins.
- In a pan, added some oil with jeera, tej patta and chashews
- added long cut onions, capsicum..
- after capsicum got cooked, put pulav masala / salt / cooked vegetables / lemon
- mix it well
- pour all the above prepared stuff on the cooked rice and spread it... sprinkle green Onions and add butter
- Close the lid and steam for 5 more minutes
- Serve hot with side dish -Raita

It really came out good.. hubby and kids finished in one go..!

please try and let me know..

Sowmya Ashok


  1. sounds yummy. Can't wait to try. Will let you know how it came out. Hope to see more good recipes.

  2. Seeing your photos itself , my taste buds are becoming active .And its also a great inspiration to get started and try it out.


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