Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Puri [Puffed Indian Bread]


As my friends know as my residence is moved from Warsaw to New Jersey i was almost off for 1 week from my blog because of shifting .Now i am back,so here i am sharing  simple yet loved by all recipe for Puri.
This is one Indian bread which is loved by most of them specially by kids.It is prepared by all Indians from South Indian -North Indian.May be the combination prepared for this may vary.As i said earlier in all Bangalore hotels big puffed puri's are served with hot sagu which taste awsome.
2 cups atta(Wheat Flour)
1-2 tsp oil
pinch of salt
water to knead
oil for frying
Take a mixing bowl,add atta,oil and salt.
Mix well together,now slowly adding water knead the atta into smooth little hard dough.
Knead for 3-4 minutes nicely.Keep it aside for 15 minutes,if kept for long then knead again before start making puri.
Make small golf size balls of the dough and roll into 5 diameter round using little atta for rolling in between.
Heat the oil ,once the oil is hot put puri one by one.as soon as you put puri in oil try to press a little and leave(holding them under the oil on the first side until they puff) .this makes the puri to puff and then leave it for few seconds and then turn over .let it cook for few more seconds.when the puri become light brown on both sides drain the oil and remove it on the kitchen paper towel.

This crispy yet soft puffed puri can be served with any gravy like Sagu,vegetable korma or chole etc.

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