Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gulab Jamun Using Jamun Mix

You must be wondering why i am posting this recipe as anybody can make gulab jamun using Jamun Mix.But earlier when i started making jamuns somehow it never used come perfect.then one day my friend sonali showed me some tips and then i made so many times it always come good.so i thought  why not share those tips with you all too.i will definitely try jamun without Mix and post that recipe in future.
Jamun is the most favourite in my family,its a tradition to prepare jamun on birthdays in my family,because from my husband to both my kids when you ask them what they want for their birthday they will ask for Jamun.You can choose any brand name jamun mix but i prefer Gits one.
1 Gits Gulab Jamun Mix(100 g makes 20-30 jamun)
50-60 ml that is approximately 1/4 cup of water / milk
1 tsp  ghee
oil for frying
300 g sugar(1.25 )
320 ml water
1 tsp cardamon powder
Thoroughly mix gulab jamun mix with hand to make sure there is no lumps in the mix.
Slowly add water or milk to knead into a smooth soft dough,it should not be  too soft nor very hard. also milk makes richer jamuns.
Knead for 3-4 minutes.Cover the dough with Kitchen paper towel for 5 minutes.
Meanwhile heat sufficient quantity of  oil (jamuns should not touch the bottom of pan)at medium flame in the wok.
Now start preparing small marble size balls of jamun dough applying little ghee on palms  for making it.Make sure there should not be any cracks while making  the jamun balls.also the balls should not be very sticky.

If the balls have crack and it become hard then the jamuns in oil cracks a lot and break and if its too soft then in oil it becomes like soggy.for this you have to be very careful while kneading the dough.

Also on the other big thick bottom pan/wok put sugar and water to make syrup.For this always put equal quantity of sugar and water(1 cup sugar to 1 cup water ratio).I usually after one boil make the flame slow-medium and let this syrup to simmer for 10 minutes stirring in between.the syrup should not be very thick too (no thread consistency ). also add cardamon powder in the syrup. make sure the syrup should be hot when you put fried jamun balls.you can also put few strings of kesar if you want.

Always make 10 batch  of jamun balls at one time and put this 10 balls at a time in the hot oil.The oil should not be very hot because jamun balls should be cooked in medium flame so that it cooks properly .Otherwise sometimes from inside the jamuns are uncooked.Fry this balls till jamun turns golden brown color.While frying the jamun balls its difficult to turnover and fry,for this the best method is to keep moving /stirring the netted ladle  in the oil without touching the jamuns.This motion makes the jamun to cook on all sides and will have even color.

After the jamuns are cooked drain and remove on kitchen paper towel and leave there for 1 minutes.Then put this jamun set in the hot syrup.Similarly finish all the jamun sets and after all the jamuns are put in the syrup just for 1-2 minutes switch on the heat of  wok containging syrup and jamuns and turn off.
Let this undisturbed for atleast half an hour,by that time the jamuns must have soaked with sugar syrup.
If you feel syrup is all soaked then prepare little more syrup in other pan and pour on this Gulab Jamun.

Serve this hot or cold tastes amazing.enjoy this mouthwatering Gulab Jamun.


  1. Really good sow ya.Lovely to know about you da.Do visit mine when tine permits.Love ur blog space.Too good

  2. very intersting blog.All are nice posts.


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