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Welcome to My kitchen,you all are always welcome any day any time.i am happy to serve you all.
Thanks for following my blog.your suggestions ,comments and encouragements make me to improve and try.
I am not a Great cook but like to try different recipes when ever i come across one.
Throught my life from childhood i came across different types of cuisine.
This Journey of different Cuisine starts here at my kitchen.This blog covers 1-Z vegetarian dishes.
Every country/region has its own tradition reinforced with food.And the best way to learn new culture is to learn their cusine.
I must say i am lucky i got a chance to learn different types cuisine.
My mom  lived in different parts of India from her child hood.She was in Tamil nadoo and then they shifted to Place nearMysore.So those regions dishes also she used to prepare when we were small.
My grandpa was a great cook,in his and my mama's(my mom's brother's)retaurant i have tasted great dishes.
Then when we were in Maharashtra for 22 years ,we have great influence of maharastrian dishes.its like my second hometown.
After marraige i got a chance to live in different countries and tasted and try their cuisine.
From japanese cuisine to mexican, italian all sort of continental cuisine,whose names were not even heard before.
Here in USA i met so many people from different parts of India and learned many authentic dishes from their region.
This only helped  me to open this blog .
Now this blog and cooking is my new  passion.I keep trying new recipes and when it turns perfect then only i post those recipe.All the photos and procedures are my own. I take those photos while preparing those dishes. In all these years and all these different places we have a countless visitors in our kitchen/sweet home and shared sweet memories with friends and families.So friends,take time,be comfertable i promise you there will be something good to eat.I hope you like it.
I am a home-maker and love to try out different dishes.I love my family the kids are my life.I dedicate this blog to my parents who tought me whatever i know in my life and to my husband Ashok who encouraged me to start my own blog.Cooking is my hobby which i inherited from my Mom.She is great cook, loves to try new recipes.My cooking have influence of mostly these people they are my mom,my grandma's and my mother in law.but some people i liked to mention from whom I learnt many recipes they are, my sister(good cook with spicy touch),my grand ma's,my mother-in-law,my aunts,my husband's chikki and grandma.In cooking, the secret ingredient is lots of intrest,practice and love.So try my recipes and tell me your suggestions.enjoy cooking.


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