Mangalore Cuisine special

Cuisine Art is really a very wide range of field.In this World we have so many countries and each countries have different states and these states have many counties.every region have their own touch of culture,language and really special type of food.
          This is very true in India.In India  inside the state also every part of region will have a little change in their language,culture and food cuisine.The food cuisine depends upon the food they grow most in that region.
          I am a kannadiga and my native place is Mangalore(South Canara).

          Mangalore is a very beautiful coastal place,green fields,backwaters,waterfalls and virgin beaches fringed by coconut palms.And its cuisine is really authentic.Mangalore cuisine has been popularised all over country by the ubiquitous Udapi hotels,known for their simple yet tasty south Indian fare.
         In Mangalore or as we can say in south canara dist. there are people who speak konkani,thulu and Kannada with different slang and you can imagine about the food variety then.we make liberal use of coconut from fresh coconut paste to creamy coconut milk or fluffy grated coconut.

       The ubiquitous Indian dish Masala Dosa has its origins in Udupi.Jack fruit,colocasia leaves,raw  green bananas, mango pickle,red chillies,salt,dry curies,chutneys are things we use a lot .
       Our full course meal is served on a plantain leaf,which is traditionally kept on the ground.The dishes are served in a particular sequence and each dish is placed on a particular spot of the plantain leaf.all people eating this meal are expected to begin and end eating the meal together.The person cannot get up in middle of meal even though he has finished his meal.the start and end of meal is done by "Govinda" the name of Lord Vishnu.The typical meal is served with the following (in sequence):

  • salt
  • pickle
  • kosambari
  • Bajji/Chutney
  • Ajethna
  • Spice Rice
  • Appalla
  • Steamed Rice
  • Saru/Rasam
  • Menaskai
  • Koddellu(sambhar)
  • Sweets like laddu,holige
  • Fried items like bonda,chakkuli,vada
  • Paramana or kheer or payasa
  • Buttermilk/Curd
   Some of the popular and different Mangalore(Udupi) cuisines i am sharing below.

  My sweet memories of  Mangalore:  

I still remember when summer vacation used to come we used to go to my Grandma's place in outskirts of Mangalore and used to spend whole two months there.My grandma's (big hannchina mane)house was in the middle of the field surrounded by coconut grooves and small pond  near the house.Bathroom used to be far and in the same compound but some what in the corner there used to be Hatti(cow's shed).At that time when my aunt used to give us that fresh cow's milk we used to say this milk smells not like our packet milk.Grandma used to prepare all the special Mangalore food from pathrode to podi.every day we used to have outside whole day in fresh air and eat whatever we want from fresh fruits like chikku-pineapple,nerle hannu(purple berry)-lots and lots of mango,coconut water(bonda/yellneeru),jackfruits,punarpuli(cocum),kashufruit(kajju) and what not.Some of the fruits we our self used to pluck it from trees with big stick.some times we all cousins used to get scoldings also for that.Some days will go in making haplla(papad).My father used to cut fresh raw Jack fruit and with grandma we used to make hapla.Really its a very tiresome and long procedure ,but ever body used to help,my aunt,my mom,we kids.all sort of hapla and sendige we used to prepare and guarding it from crow used to be our job.we used to sit with grandma in sun and she used to tell us stories.The end of the summer vacation we used return back to Nagpur with lots of goodies,coconutbag and sweet memories.the whole train used to smell with jack fruit and mango.

Now also after marriage when we were in Bangalore,once in every 4-5 months we used to go to our In-laws
place and my mother-in-law used to prepare all the authentic dishes.our southcanara is a place of lots of temples.SRI KRISHNA temple in udupi(It was the seat of the vaisnavite philosopher Madhavacharya),Dharmastala,statue of Bahubali in karkala,Mookambika temple in kollur,kadri manjunath temple in mangalaore and many.

My sasural (my in-law's place)is in Saligram which is located between udupi and Kundapura, has very karnika temple Gurunarshima as soon as we reached to our house we take bath and we start our day with visiting Gurunarshima temple and Annegudde temple and in the evening we start our resturant coverage.My husband have some favourite retaurants which we have to cover during our visit ,is a must.when you visit our place don't miss a very famous mundakki (sort of bhel),which my daughter surabhi loves a lot.And one more place we all love to visit is poddukerre beach(in Saligrama).My memories about this place won't end ,but i think i should stop.Enjoy my Udupi cuisine and try it.
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