Friday, February 25, 2011

Set Dosas

This is is just like our normal dosa,but its easy to make,healthy and can eat when it is cold also.
you can take this dosas while travelling for small kids.
the batter need for this dosas is same like our Masal dosa.

1 cup urad dal
2.5-3 cup dosa rice
1 tsp methi seeds
1 handful of beaten rice
Method :

soak all the ingredients together except beaten rice.beaten rice should be washed and kept aside.
grind this ingredients in (refer masal dosa recipe) blender into smooth paste.
it should be little thick in consistency then dosa batter.
heat the dosa griddle and when the griddle is hot ,pour the batter in the middle of the griddle.
like uthappa,just spread a little and pour little oil on the dosas.

close the lid and let the dosa cook for 2 minutes.
turn the dosa to other side ,leave it for 1 minutes.
remove from griddle using flat ladle(dosa sataga).
you can put little ghee on can store it in hot case and can eat any time of the day.
serve this dosa with green coconut chutney.

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