Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My 100th Recipe--------Mini Gadbadh Icecream -----------cooooooooooool

As you all know my countdown to 100th recipe was going on ,and what do you know this is my 100th recipe.So from last three four days i was thinking what to post for this special occasion.I was talking to my friend shilpa and as she is also attaining her 100th recipe by next post, we were like discussing about it ,then i got an idea about this very simple,easy yet very tasty recipe .

This recipe is very close to my heart as through this i relate my beautiful memories when we were kids.
Gadbadh Ice cream is very famous in Mangalore.Ideal Ice cream parlor in Mnagalore is famous for this special ice cream dish.During our summer Vacation when ever we used to visit mangalore our parents use to take us over there.Somehow whenever i remember gadbadh ice cream those childhood days with our parents makes me smile.those memories are cherish able and i thanks my parents for giving us such a wonderful life and memories to cherish.this post is specially for you both appa,ama and my sister.

In my sasural that is saligrama also we have a  hotel called Mantap where very tasty gadbadh we get.

Also when i was leaving the Warsaw last week my best friend shilpa gifted me this beautiful Dessert Bowl set and a beautiful crochet  which she has prepared for me by her own.
she knew that  i will  definitely use this in my blog.that gesture so much touched my heart .Thanks shilpa for the lovely gift and a constant encouragement for this blog.

And most of all i made this dessert for my lovely family.I wanted to thanks my husband  for all the encouragement,and help he gave me for this blog and to my two lovely kids who support me and taste my food with so much interest which make me to try new things.And what better treat for my kids and husband than this  delicious icecream Sunday and that too when summer is almost started.
My husband is great critic too in food and whatever i prepared he will give me the exact opinion about those dish which helped me in improving a lot.

So here is the gadbadh recipe which is also the first recipe from my new home's  kitchen.
You can prepare this recipe with all of your choices and methods,i am giving the way i prepared it.Usually this ice cream they gave in restaraunt will be in a big glass full with layers of different ice cream and fruits and dry fruits which a whole family can eat together.
But i wanted to prepare this in my new set of bowls and the size was perfect for one serving.For this dessert we had a guest also this weekend and they too loved it.

I will no longer bore you all ,so please just note down the recipe of Gadbadh ice cream below and do try those at home,i am sure you will love it.

  • your three choices of Ice cream,here i have made my own flavour homemade ice cream like Mango ice cream,banana ice cream and the normal vanilla Ice cream.
  • vanilla/your own choice instant pudding mix or custard
  • strawberry jelly mix
  • dry fruits like raisins,cashews,almonds,pistachio
  • fresh fruits like grapes,apple,cantaloupe,pineapple etc..
  • for garnishing nut pieces
  • strawberry syrup(optional)
  • cherry and tutifruity's(optional)
Take a single serving bowls and layered each of them separately with all the ingredients.
First i have prepared pudding and jelly according to the instruction given in the box and let it chilled in refrigerator.
Then prepare all flavoured ice creams ,very instantly and easy way i prepared mango and banana ice cream.
For mango ice cream i have blended together vanilla ice cream and mango pulp  and kept it in the freezer to set.
Then similarly for banana ice cream i blended banana and vanilla,1 tsp of smoothie powder together and freeze it .
Finally take a pan add 1 tsp of ghee and fry raisins and cashews till cashews brown color.sliced almonds and pistachio before hand.
While serving time take the serving glass or bowl  first put 1 tsp of dry fruit mixer,then followed by mango ice cream then a layer of 1 tsp mixed fruits then layer it with vanilla ice cream.

Then if you have space left and if you have tuti fruity you can put a layer of tutifruities or otherwise,put each 2 tsp of jelly ,pudding and banana ice cream on each sides of top layer.
Garnish this with dry cut nuts and cherry and strawberry syrup.
This dish not only look great but taste great too and very easy to prepare.
If you don't want to prepare different  ice cream at  home you can choose any of your favourite flavours of ice cream from stores.also its your choice to layer this gadbadh too.get creative anyhow with all these yummy stuff together its going to be delicious.

So to all my friends and blogger happy summer vacation and enjoy each day with lots of cool yummy ice cream.Thanks everybody for  all of your encouragement and for checking my blog,i promise there lot more of the recipes are in line,hope you all like it.


  1. First of all ,Congrats on your 100th post. Its indeed an excellent blog with all delicious and variety dishes explained in a detailed manner with such clear photos too. Me and hubby , as we had the chance to taste most dishes can very confidently proclaim it as one of the tastiest homely food one can ever get.Having a sincere interest in cooking makes it all happen, taking this great effort for the blog in between all the work and managing the household. Hats off to you!!!!
    By the way, the Special dessert also look yummy , presentation is also very colorful and fantastic. Description make one feel as if we had tasted it and seeing the photo makes one determined to try it out-thats the success of the whole thing.
    Keep going and wish you all the best in all future recipes , to hit another 100 and then another 100 and so on.

  2. Thankyou very much shilpa for your encouragement and all the comments,gives motivation to post more.


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