Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Veggy Nachos - Indian style..!!!

    This dish is a very good appetizer and easy to prepare.I did this Mexican recipe with Indian touch,it really turned out good.hope you will also like it.

crisp corn chips(or taco shells pieces) ----------16-20
Processed cheese(grated)----------3/4 cup
for the salsa sauce
tomatoes---------------2 large sized
onion                  1 medium sized
garlic ----------------1-2 cloves
capsicum---------------1 med sized
dry oregano-------------1/4 tsp
sweet chilli sauce--------2tblsp
avocado chutney
sweet chilli sauce:
red chillies------------18-20(according to your taste)
tomatoes----------------2 med sized/tomato puree
garlic paste------------1-2 cloves
 sugar-----------1 tbsp / according your taste
 soy sauce
 tomato ketchup
wash and chop tomatoes / chop garlic and grind with chillies to smooth paste.
mix sugar, oil into a bowl and cook in microwave for 2 min.
Stir in soy sauce, salt, tomato ketchup with one cup water.
cook for 2 more Min's.
Avocado chutney:
peel avocado.. remove seed and cut into big pieces.. 1 inch ginger,
1 tsp tamarind paste, 1-2 green chillies, salt, coriander leaves (handful)
taco seasoning powder (1tsp), lemon juice - grind all these and mix well.
Method of preparation
chop tomatoes, onion into small pieces, crush garlic, chop capsicum and
crush pepper corns. mix this with rest of the ingredients and set aside for one hour.
arrange the corn chips in a microwave plate.. put salsa sauce, avocado sauce and grated cheese.
cook for 2 min in microwave. serve immediately.

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  1. This looks yummy, have to try it .So made a Mexican dish Sowmya special?


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