Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Halwa------Gajar (Carrot) ka Halwa

This is one of the famous,tasty,nutritious dessert of India.the kids who don't eat carrots also likes this sweet.
Every year when i ask my daughter which sweet will she like to have for her birthday ,she always chooses Carrot halwa and Gulab jamun.this dish was my favourite too when i was kid.My mom makes best carrot halwa.The color,sweetness and taste comes perfect when she prepares.I try to make like her.This is a perfect sweet dish to be relished after dinner. The process of making Gajar ka Halwa is easy,but it requires lot of patience and time then other sweets.the recipe for this is as follows.

1 kg /4 cup carrot
1 litre/4 cup whole milk
1 tsp cardamon powder
2 tsp broken cashews
2 tsp raisins(kishmish)
2 tsp almonds blanched and cut lengthwise and pista few
2 tsp MTR Badam powder(optional)
1 cup ghee
3-4 cup sugar
First of all take carrots,wash it neatly with water and then peel all the carrots.Now grate all the carrots with medium grating blade.
Now take a wide pan (nonstick pan is better), add 1tblsp of ghee and add raisins and cashews in it.fry this till raisins become fat and cashews become brown.now remove it from pan and keep aside.In the remaining  ghee add carrot and fry for 2 minutes.when carrot becomes dry add milk and mix it properly.Bring it to a boil and then reduce flame to low.Let it cook until milk is absorbed.you should keep stirring in between so that it won't burn at the bottom.

    Now add 1/2 cup of ghee and stir it for 1 minute.finally add sugar in it.when sugar is added halwa becomes watery again.stirring constantly while continuing to cook.once all water is evaporate add remaining ghee,badam powder and cardamon powder in it.you can add 1/2 cup of condensed milk in it,but then little sugar and milk you should take less.at last add 1/2 tsp each of dry fruits.mix everything for 5 more minutes.

When the halwa start leaving the sides of the pan indicates that halwa is ready.To get correct colour for the halwa one thing you should keep in your mind is to add sufficient milk so that carrot cooks properly and finally the milk should be absorbed completely.and off course you have to be liberal in adding ghee and sugar.finally decorate this dish with remaining dry fruits.yummmmmmy halwa is ready.

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