Thursday, February 24, 2011

Akki(rice) Shavige(noodles) [Mangalore Cuisine Special]

This is one of the very special breakfast in Mangalore.Making it also need lot of effort.For this we have a special machine to make .So after coming here i never tried it. here my friend shilpa do it often and she  do it with chakuli machine.So this time i also tried it it came out good.
In India when we prepare this we all like it so much we prefer to eat it for breakfast,lunch,dinner and next day left over we will prepare shavige bhath(uppama).At home we prepare 3-4 side dish for can prepare this with red boiled rice/dosa rice.In this recipe i used red boiled can try this with rice flour too.
Ingredients for shavige(noodles):
4 cups red boiled rice/dosa rice
salt to taste

     soak the rice for 8 hours in water.after 8 hours wash the rice 3-4 times and then grind it in blender into very smooth consistency.It should not be too much watery .Add salt and let it ferment overnight.
The fermented batter take it into a thick bottom pan(non stick is better) and start cooking.keep stirring or

otherwise it will burn.after a while it start becoming thick and will become like a ball leaving the sides of the pan.switch of the flame.after it is little cooled off makes small balls from it and steam it in steamer or cooker without whistle.

It takes approximately 30-40 minutes to cook.keep checking in between,by inserting fork/or tasting little.
when it is cooked,make the flame low and start preparing shavige one by one.
First you have to grease the chakli machine and put thin hole (shave) plate(mould) in it.
Take one cooked rice ball ,put it into the chakli machine  and start rolling the handle of the machine so that it press the dough and the thin noodles comes out of the machine .collect one complete set in one plate.

continue to do the same procedure with all the remaining rice balls.we keep the noodles wrapped inside  the wet cotton cloth/cheese cloth so that it won't become dry and will be fresh whole day.
Serve this with spicy Brinjal coconut sambhar/green coconut chutney/hot and sweet huli bajji(tamarind chutney)/small mango mangalore style pickle(middi).for above all combination we put coconut oil above the can also eat it with fresh thick curd and pickle.

for people who likes sweet combination like me they can try it with coconut milk mixed with jaggeryand cardamon(kaihalu)/mango rasayna(paysa).

Recipe for Tamarind chutney/huli bajji:

2 tsp  tamarind paste
1-2 " jaggery piece
2-4 green chili
1"ginger piece
1/2 tsp turmeric powder
1/2 tsp saru/rasam powder(optional)
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
1/2 tsp urad dal
curry leaves
red chili

boil together tamarind paste,2 cup of water ,salt,jaggery and turmeric powder,green chili and ginger and saru powder.let it boil for 10 minutes.switch of the flame and season it with mustard seeds,urad dal,red chili,hing and curry leaves.tamarind chutney is ready.

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  1. This one was really tasty. Though I make the same variety shavige this combination was new and it tasted so good. The three combinations are yummy.


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