Sunday, February 20, 2011

7 cup Burfy -Festival Dishes and Diwali Special



                                      1 cup Besan(Gram flour)
1 cup Milk  ,1 cup Coconut
                                                                    11/2 cup Ghee
                            21/2 cup sugar
                                                      1/2 -1 cup mixed dry fruit (grind into powder)
  1.  Fry Besan with 1-2 tsp ghee till light brown colour or the nice aroma comes.remove from pan and set aside.
  2. Now add milk and sugar together in a thick bottom pan and keep stirring till the sugar starts melting .once it start boiling add 1 cup of ghee,Besan and coconut powder.keep stirring to ensure the flour get mixed well.
  4. After 10 mints,reduce the flame to low and continue stirring.when ghee is all absorbed and mixture become little thick/bubble starts coming put remaining 1/2 cup of ghee in it.keep continuously stirring till the mixture start leaving the sides of pan .
  5. Before hand you should keep aside a circle or square plate(preferably steel is better) and grease it with ghee. 
  6.  After 10 Min's the batter consistency will became thick and you can see the bottom of the pan.Ensure  it doesn't get burned in the bottom.when the whole batter becomes like a ball at centre of the pan switch of the stove and stir for few seconds.
  7. Immediately pour the batter into greased plate.holding on the sides of the plate(be careful while doing it  as it will be hot)gently pat the plate on the floor.this way your mix gets spread evenly.If it won't try to do it with grease bowl or ladle,but do not press the mix too much otherwise it will crack. 
  8. when it is warm,or approx. after 5 mints cut  using a greased knife making either diamonds or square shapes.
  9. After it is completely cooled of gently cut on the perforated spots and make pieces.
  10. preparation time is about 30- mints.
  12. This is one mouthwatering sweet ,I call it a sister of Mysore pak.One best part is that its not that rich like Mysore pak and it has milk,coconut which gives a very nice taste.In my house its one of the favourites of my hubby and kids.It gets over within few days.My mom used to prepare this during Diwali. Try this sweet you will like it.

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